Malta Airport Foundation

Established on the 10th of September in 2014, the Malta Airport Foundation directs funds straight into the tourism industry by investing in Maltese heritage and environment. It is a non-profit organisation independently run by a board of administrators. These members include dedicated business and cultural leaders who share Malta International Airport’s strong desire to make a lasting, positive contribution to the Maltese Islands. The Malta Airport Foundation was entered in the Register of Voluntary Organisations on 31st January, 2015… continue reading


The 17th century watchtower of Turri Xuto
The historic 17th century watchtower of Torri Xutu

The Malta Airport Foundation teamed up with Din L-Art Ħelwa in 2015 to coordinate the foundation’s first project: the complete restoration of Torri Xutu in Wied Iż-Żurrieq. The Knights of St. John built the 17th century watchtower during the reign of Grand Master Jean Paul Lascaris de Castellar…continue reading


Comino, a small and stunning island of the Maltese archipelago
Comino, a small and stunning island of the Maltese archipelago

The Malta Airport Foundation places great importance on our underwater heritage, especially since Malta’s rich marine environment attracts around 111,000 tourists to experience scuba diving every year. Following the success of its first underwater awareness project, the foundation took the plunge once again in 2017 by committing itself to support the making of a second underwater documentary; this time a Comino documentary…continue reading


Maltese WW2 Combined Operations Room
Maltese WW2 Combined Operations Room

Built in the early stages of the Air Battle for Malta in 1940, the Combined Operations Room was where some of the key military figures of the time worked from and took crucial decisions, which helped the strategically located island emerge victorious from what was to become one of the greatest battles of World War II… continue reading


Valletta Film Festival in Pjazza San Ġorġ
Valletta Film Festival in Pjazza San Ġorġ

The Malta Airport Foundation is proud to be supporting the fifth edition of the Valletta Film Festival, which will once again treat all cinema lovers and aspiring producers and directors to a bonanza of feature films, short films, master classes and workshops between the 14 and the 23 of June. “We are delighted to be lending our support to make this unique festival, backdropped by some of the most beautiful spots around our capital, an even more successful event, which can serve to further enhance our visibility as a film destination on the international stage… continue reading


The Maltese Islet Filfla
The protected Maltese islet of Filfla.

In 2016 the Malta Airport Foundation launched a much-anticipated documentary about the relatively unknown underwater habitat surrounding the protected islet of Filfla. The 30-minute documentary is the latest instalment in a series being produced by an award-winning team for ‘The Panacea Project’ and is intended to promote a message of conservation. Filfla’s waters, which are largely out of bounds to the public, harbour some incredibly stunning species such as the spiny lobster and the moray eel, unique limestone reefs and intriguing caves and crevices…continue reading


Phoenician shipwreck
Phoenician shipwreck dating from 7th century BC

The Malta Airport Foundation is also supporting the ongoing excavation of a Phoenician shipwreck just off Xlendi bay in Gozo. Dating back to the 7th century BC, the wreck was discovered in 2007 and is just the eighth archaic Phoenician shipwreck to be located. The ship itself has very likely been partially eroded, but the mixed cargo on board, including Tyrrhenian amphorae, urns and Gozitan ceramics, was the first of its kind to be found intact. The discovery of this cargo reinforces the argument that the Maltese islands were an important part of the Phoenician maritime and trading network…continue reading