Travels of a Maltese Soprano: Italy

This September I visited Sanremo in order to do a masterclass with Italian soprano, Antonella Banaudi. Masterclasses are a very useful tool for singers, it is a means to discover various tricks of the trade from successful musicians. Different singers have different ways of passing on their knowledge and experiences, and I find that there is always something new that can be learned. A masterclass is a good place to learn by observing others, and if it is an intense masterclass and one spends enough time with the other singers, for making friends J Doing masterclasses in a different country helps me to observe the way other singers work in that country, and since singers often have to travel all over the world to sing, this is a very safe environment to learn how to adapt.

Antonella Banaudi has studied with the great tenors Carlo Bergonzi and Pavarotti. She is a kind and generous woman, and she teaches with passion and is inspiring. She shared stories of her encounters with Bergonzi and Pavarotti, and I felt so humbled by her openness and humility. The masterclasses took place in a small village near San Remo called Porto Maurizio, in Oratorio San Pietro, a beautiful little church overlooking the harbour. We constantly had passing tourists come in to see what was going on.

Nicola Said singing in the Antonella Banaudi Masterclass in Sanremo

Throughout the masterclasses, Antonella focused on a strong body and high placement, very much emphasising and supporting the work I have been doing with my teacher Yvonne Kenny. I find that the wonderful thing about masterclasses is that it really helps clarify and strengthen singing technique. Antonella’s Mediterranean directness made sure that I didn’t let my body get lazy, and after a very restful summer, I felt much stronger and physically confident to start on the second year Guildhall opera course!